Former reality TV villain Spencer Pratt says he was the architect of Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad’s “fake” relationship on “The Hills” and even convinced Jenner to break up with Nicole Richie so he and Conrad could date.

Pratt, 38, recently sat down with Alex Cooper for an episode of her Spotify podcast, “Call Her Daddy”, dishing the behind the scenes details of what he claims was not so real reality. Pratt told Cooper that he put Jenner and “nice girl” Conrad together to “better” her storyline on the series.

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“It was all good, to the point where I talked Brody into breaking up with Nicole Richie to fake double-date with LC,” Pratt said. He added that he felt he was being a “teammate” to the rest of “The Hills” cast by convincing Jenner to “break up with his celebrity, superstar girlfriend” and date Conrad. “Everyone wins,” he thought. “I wanted all of us to win.”

Pratt said he even went one step further in an attempt to garner interest in the show by tipping off paparazzi about Jenner and Conrad’s double date with him and then-girlfriend-now-wife Hedi Montag. Though he said Conrad was angry at him for the set-up, he believes to this day that he did her a favor. “All due respect to LC, she’d never been in a tabloid until I unlocked that for her,” he told Cooper.

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Pratt hoped that Conrad and Jenner would develop a real romantic relationship but explained that the coupling “didn’t work out from night one.” He added, “eventually Brody couldn’t pretend anymore.”

Pratt believes that Conrad distrusted him and didn’t want Heidi to be with him because of his machinations.

Pratt’s comments mirror some of what Jenner and Conrad have previously said about their time on “The Hills.” Jenner, back in 2014, said that the two “had to pretend like we were dating, but we never dated.” While Conrad, for her part, revealed in 2016 that while she “had a crush” on Jenner, the two of them had “zero chemistry” and that their relationship “always felt forced.”