Courteney Cox is joining Faith Hill for Variety‘s latest “Actors on Actors” discussion, with the two sharing details about their various projects over the years.

During the conversation, Cox admits that even though she’s currently starring in horror-comedy “Shining Vale” and appeared in numerous “Scream” movies, she’s actually “a real scaredy cat, and everything kind of scares me…”

According to Cox, “it’s very easy to jump out and scare me. So [‘Shining Vale’ co-star] Greg [Kinnear] would sometimes scare me just on the set, and then I could recreate it because I’m a pretty quick screamer. I’m a quick study for scary.”

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“That is hilarious, especially since the movies that you’ve done,” Hill responds.

“Yeah. I don’t watch them,” says Cox, adding, “I don’t. ‘Scream’ — I just go like this. [Covers her eyes.] There’s no way. I don’t care if I know what’s happening, who it was behind the mask.”

Meanwhile, Hill reveals the thing that frightened her most about her role in “1883” was being asked to grow our her armpit hair for authenticity to the Old West time period.

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“It really grossed me out, I have to say,” Hill admits. “All due respect to those who love that, and, and all that freedom, woo! But for me personally…”

The entire conversation can be seen in the video above.