Hedley ‘Crazy For You’ Video Shoot

Canadian band Hedley kicks off their tour on Valentine’s Day and ET Canada went behind-the-scenes of their latest music video “Crazy For You”; before they hit the road.

The upbeat track comes from their fifth studio album, Wild Life, and the video takes you inside an asylum as the band tries to escape, only to discover that the outside world has gone crazy for them. “This is the first time we’re voluntarily in a padded room,”; says the band’s frontman Jacob Hoggard.

“We started off the morning in strait jackets,”; says lead guitarist Dave Rosin. “Not the first time,”; Hoggard adds.

The charming boys of the band should be used to the attention from girls by now, but when it comes to love, it’s not always smooth sailing. “If I got like a major crush on a girl, or if I start to get really serious, I literally clam up, I turn into a 14-year-old boy. I can no longer string a sentence together,”; says Hoggard. “I’m nervous and sweaty and I think I really like you.”;

So what drives the guys crazy? “I’d have to say a nice pair of stockings really gets me going,”; says Hoggard.

Tune-in to ET Canada tonight for more from our “Crazy For You”; set visit!

– Christina Dun



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