Drew Barrymore is on her way to a new kitchen. The actress posted a video to Instagram on Monday showing off her personal demolition skills.

In the clip, Barrymore took a hammer to the counter and cabinets of a brightly coloured kitchen. Dressed in work clothes and safety glasses, she smashed sections of checkered green tile and pulled down a row of white cabinets that hung above them.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just having the time of my LIFE,” she captioned the video.

Barrymore then shared another update, explaining that they’d discovered the previous owners had covered up a window with drywall for some reason.

She burst into tears after finding the window, telling the camera, “I knew there was a window here, I knew it.”

The star explained how it was a message of hope, showing that when something’s dark you can pry it open and create light.

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Last year, Barrymore revealed a different kitchen renovation also on Instagram when she posted a carousel of images that also showed off her kitchenware line, Cook With Beautiful.

“Kitchen Reno complete,” she wrote at the time.

Barrymore didn’t say where this new renovation is happening now. Regardless, she is no stranger to home design. Her “The Drew Barrymore Show” segment, “Designed By Drew”, features a partnership with design expert Mikel Welch — together, the two of them remodel the homes of others around the world.

“Drew puts her love of design to use improving the living spaces for people spreading positivity around the world,” the show’s website reads.

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Barrymore recently spoke about the success of her daytime show while Seth Meyers last month.

Meyers began his conversation with Barrymore by congratulating her on the six daytime Emmy nominations she and the show received. “I feel like relief is a huge definition of joy right now, too,” Barrymore replied. “Like, I’m so relieved that it’s working, that we get to stay.”

“I’m way too attached to it,” Barrymore continued. “All of my worth and happiness is in this show … I’m like way too invested. And, you know, season to season you don’t know and you’re just kind of going to that finish line … like, you see the precipice and you get more and more increasingly depressed at the idea of it not coming back.”