“There is thunder in our hearts.”

On Tuesday, Netflix dropped the trailer for the two-part season finale of “Stranger Things 4”, and it’s shaping up to be an absolutely epic conclusion.

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With a total running time of four hours, the finale sees the characters facing off against their biggest threat yet from the Upside Down.

“Your friends are not prepared for this fight,” Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brenner is heard saying. “Hawkins will fall.”

The trailer shows everything, including battles with the military, ventures into the dark world of the Upside Down, terrifying monsters, and more.

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All the action is set to the “Stranger Things” theme music mashed up with the Kate Bush song “Running Up That Hill”, which has become a smash hit, thanks to its use in the first part of season 4.

Millie Bobby Brown also shared the trailer on her Instagram with the caption “It’s time.”

“Stranger Things 4” Vol. 2 premieres July 1.