Kim Kardashian was forced to halt her “Tonight Show” interview on Tuesday to tell her kids off who were being a little too loud in the audience.

Kardashian was joined by her two boys, Psalm, 3, and Saint, 6, as well as a friend’s daughter for the taping.

However, as the reality TV star spoke to Jimmy Fallon, she could hear them chatting behind her.

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Kardashian turned around to say, “Guys, can you stop? This is your first time at work with me, please.

“My two boys are here and I hear them making so much noise. Guys, this is your first time at work with me, don’t mess this up, come on!”

As the mother-of-four then attempted to get back into the chat, she eventually turned around again and said: “Guys, seriously. You gotta go!” before adding that Psalm had been taken out of the studio for being too loud.

The telling off came after Kardashian admitted to Fallon that she’d never seen an episode of “Saturday Night Live” before hosting it in October.

The Skims founder, who is now dating former “SNL” star Pete Davidson, said of whether she was nervous beforehand, “I was nervous for a second because, I have to be honest, I had never seen ‘SNL’ before.

“I had gone to one taping of Eddie Murphy [in 2019], and I had gone backstage.”

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Kardashian went on to tell Fallon, “I knew what it was — I knew it was so iconic. I gotta be honest: I had no idea you were on.”

She continued, “Even a month after, I was at dinner, and Will Ferrell was sitting right next to me — the show had just aired, when I was on — and he had mentioned he had seen it. And I literally had to text Pete and be like, ‘Wait, was Will Ferrell on ‘SNL?’ And I was so embarrassed.”

Kardashian insisted, “I’ve been schooled [since].”