Tom Hanks is “a man of many hats,” one being “a man who will show up at a wedding, invited or not.”

The 65-year-old actor appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to talk about “Elvis” and explain his fascination with crashing weddings over the years.

“It’s my ego, unchecked,” Hanks joked. “I just can’t help but think, What would these people like more than anything else to remember this magic day of days? Oh I know, me!

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Meyers recalled a few of the star’s most famous wedding appearances, including one of his very first ones, from the early 2000s, when Hanks was in Rome filming “Angels and Demons”.

Tom Hanks and Seth Meyers
Tom Hanks and Seth Meyers — Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Hanks explained that his team were unaware that the Pantheon, a Catholic church in Rome, had booked a wedding that same day.

“This limousine pulled up, and it was the bride and the groom trying to ‘get me to the church on time,’” he told Meyers. Hanks felt bad for the couple so he helped the bride’s father escort her to the altar.

After Rome, Hanks became obsessed with wedding crashing, something he describes as “exciting.”

In the past, he has joined in on a bride and groom’s photo session in New York City, scoring a selfie with the couple. He has also crashed a wedding on Santa Monica State Beach.

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More recently, Hanks crashed a wedding after spotting “the biggest cocktail booze cruise bus [he’d] ever seen,” while out for a walk with wife Rita Wilson. The bride came out of the wedding party bus and, sure enough, he appeared in a photo with her bridesmaids.

For more on Hanks’ wedding-crashing fun, including the time he actually married a couple via a fan request, watch the video above.