Julie Andrews is still waiting to meet the cast of “Bridgerton”.

On Wednesday, the legendary actress appeared on the “Today” show and talked about her role as the narrator of the hit Shonda Rhimes period romance.

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But despite her involvement, Andrews revealed that she has never actually gotten to meet the show’s cast in-person.

“You know I’ve never met the company in person,” she told Hoda Kotb. “Of course, I see them on the show sometimes. But I do all my recording far far away from them.”

That said, Andrews had nothing but praise for the show and everyone involved in making it.

“I think it’s gorgeous looking, and they’re all wonderful in it and they’re lovely people to work with,” she said. “Shonda Rhimes and the whole gang down, they’re terrific. And I’m thrilled that they asked me.”

In the show, Andrews voices the mysterious gossip columnist, Lady Whistledown, and “Today” host Savannah Guthrie admitted that despite being a huge fan of the show, she had her “mind blown” when she learned who voiced the narrator.

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Giving some background on the recording process for the show, Andrews said, “I don’t record everything at one time so to get back into character again, my first warmup is ‘My name is Lady Whistledown. That’ll get me back into character.”

Speaking to Al Roker later on “Today”, Andrews added of her unseen character, “She gets very caustic from time to time, and she puts people down. She’s more a teaser than anything else. ‘When will we discover such and such,’ and such and such.”