Katy Perry doesn’t expect any special treatment when dining out.

The singer, who is currently in Australia with her partner Orlando Bloom while he films “Wizards!” in Far North Queensland, headed to a Port Douglas café recently, but the waitress didn’t recognize her. The story has since blown up on social media.

Choo Choos worker Indianna Paull spoke to Sunrise about the surprise meeting, explaining how Perry headed to the café on Saturday with her one-year-old daughter Daisy Dove.

Paull shared how she didn’t recognize Perry because she was wearing a hat and sunglasses, so told her she’d just have to wait to be seated as there were no tables available.

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The server recalled, “She handled it like any normal person would, I suppose. She was really nice the whole time and she handled it like a champ.

“I think partly because I didn’t recognize her was the reason she was so just so relaxed and chill about it.”

Paull eventually sat Perry in a part of the café that isn’t normally used after she approached her again.

She told the TV program, “I made a fool out of myself and said, ‘For future reference, we don’t usually seat people in this table.’”

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Perry insisted she’d be “extra kind,” before Paull’s manager alerted her as to whom she was serving.

“I just went red and went limp at the knees,” she said. “I probably didn’t need to, but I felt like a fool, so I went over to her table and apologized.

“I don’t know why, I just felt shocked that I had acted like she was a casual Joe Blow!

“In hindsight, I think the reason she wanted to get in so bad is because people were running around taking photos of her — I was so oblivious, running around like a headless chook, I had no idea.”

Paull said she “couldn’t believe how nice” Perry was and confirmed she’d left a tip that was “much more than the usual $2 we get thrown in the bucket.”

The server went on, “She asked for my name and had a conversation with me and as she left she walked through the café and gave me a hug and was just really nice to everyone.

“It was crazy.”