Al Pacino has finally addressed those viral “Shrek” phone-case snaps.

The iconic actor went viral a few months ago after Jason Momoa posted a photo of a group dinner following an art exhibit by artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel.

In one of the photos, Pacino had a “Shrek” case on the back of his phone, which, unsurprisingly, sparked quite the Twitter frenzy.

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“My daughter [Olivia] gave me that,” Pacino insisted during an interview with “Today”‘s Harry Smith, adding: “My youngest daughter put that on my phone.”

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Pacino went on, “I didn’t even look at it until social media told me what was on my phone, and I took a look and said, ‘That’s Shrek.'”

As Smith questioned whether he kept the case, Pacino said: “Of course. It was a gift.”

Twitter users zoomed in on the snap in question back in April after Pacino was also pictured with the case at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party with Taika Waititi and Rita Ora in March.