Emma Chamberlain discussed that viral Jack Harlow interview clip with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show”.

Fallon played the clip, from the Met Gala 2022, in which Chamberlain interviewed Harlow on the red carpet for Vogue.

After he said “I love ya” at the end of their brief chat about his dark chocolate Givenchy suit, Chamberlain’s reaction was priceless.

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Fallon then showed her a clip of him asking Harlow about the incident, questioning whether he ends every interview by telling the reporter that they love them.

He insisted, “Only if I love them,” after calling the clip a “piece of art because there’s so many ways to interpret” her reaction.

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Chamberlain, who has just returned to YouTube after a six-month hiatus, then said on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show” of what was going through her head during the interview: “Can I be honest? When I’m doing these interviews it’s blank up here, I have no thoughts and when I go home and I watch the interviews again I’m like watching a completely different person.

“Then I’m reacting to myself,” after calling Harlow’s response “sweet.”

She also said she thought it would have been her reaction to the Shawn Mendes chat, where she said his name with a Jersey accent despite him being from Canada, that would have sparked the internet meltdown.

See more in the clip above.