The next movie in the “Spider-Man” universe is getting going.

“Euphoria” star Sydney Sweeney is on the new cover of Vogue Hong Kong, and in the issue she reveals production is about to begin on “Madame Web”, with Dakota Johnson.

Sharing the cover, which was shot by photographer and filmmaker Petra Collins, on Instagram, the actress wrote, “Incredibly grateful to be on the July cover of @voguehongkong.”

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Asked about her next project, Sweeney reveals, as translated from Chinese to English, “I’m about to start shooting ‘Madame Web’ with Dakota Johnson! I’m really excited to start this journey with her, looking forward to showing you all my performance!”

Johnson was announced to lead the solo superhero film earlier this year, with Sweeney set to co-star. Originally introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man comics, Madame Web is generally depicted as a blind, clairvoyant and precognitive mutant, who in her first story helps Spider-Man find a kidnapping victim.

The “Madame Web” film is scheduled to hit theatres July 7, 2023.

Also in the interview, Sweeney opens up about what attracts her to acting, explaining, “Connecting with others, learning and experiencing different lives, and making people feel something through the characters. Because of acting, I can meet a lot of people that I didn’t have the chance to meet.”

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Looking at season 2 of “Euphoria” and where her character went, the actress says, “I definitely experienced a lot in ‘Euphoria’, grew up, learned a lot from other cast and crew, and got a lot of feedback from fans. I’m honoured to work with this incredible group and everyone’s efforts translate into what fans see.”

She adds, “I try to separate myself from my character as much as possible. Their memories are not mine, nor are their favorite colours or music, so that I can really travel between the character and myself.”

In 2020, Sweeney announced the launch of her own production company, Fifty-Fifty Films, which has announced a number of projects, including a series called “The Players Table”, co-starring Halsey.

“I’ve been developing projects and collecting IP, and there are a lot of shows and movies in the works,” she says of her work through the company. “If I read a book or hear a story that interests me and I want to see it on screen, it’s the right story. I want to create as many stories and characters as possible for people. It’s a long and difficult process, but I love being challenged.”

My parents always told me that for what I want to pursue, I will have to work hard every day,” Sweeney says of the support she’s gotten from her parents throughout her career. “I may be rejected, but my reactions and actions will determine the future. They supported me as an actor, but only if academics still came first, and it always has.”

Asked what she would study if she could go back to school, she adds, “I think if I had time to keep going to school for the rest of my life, I would study as much as possible. Business, law, psychology, literature, mathematics, etc. If it was possible, I’d be interested.”

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For years, Sweeney has also trained in mixed martial arts.

“I’ve been doing it since middle school!” she says. “It taught me discipline and strength. Today, I still practice as hard as I used to, but just don’t compete. I work out, run, and play a lot of sports every week.”

Finally, asked what her dream role would be, Sweeney says. “Maybe a protagonist in a Nicholas Sparks novel. I am a complete romantic.”