Luke Bryan had a baby on board at his latest concert.

Performing Wednesday night in Las Vegas, for unknown reasons, the country star ended up walking around the stage holding a baby in his arms.

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A video posted to his Instagram feed of the adorable moment doesn’t reveal how the baby ended up there, but Bryan is seen walking around the stage, with the baby on his hip, while singing “All My Friends Say”.


“It’s been a hell of a party,” Bryan jokes at one point after finishing the song. “At some point I got a baby.”

He then asks, “Where is the mother of this child?”

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Finally, a woman comes onto the stage to get her baby.

“Hey, I’m sorry I stole your baby,” Bryan says, as the crowd laughs. “This is gonna make a hell of a scrapbook one day.”

The singer then poses for a photo with the mother and child, which is shared at the end of the video.

“You know it’s a party when you end up holding someone’s baby,” Bryan joked in the caption.