Charlie Puth dropped his new upbeat track with Jungkook from BTS, nearly two weeks after the K-Pop boy band announced they are taking a break to focus on solo projects.

The duo also dropped a colourful music video for the new single “Left and Right” featuring shots of Puth and the youngest BTS member, both together and individually, as they dwell over a past love. The two appear lovesick, consumed by thoughts of their respective exes, causing Puth to visit an elderly man identified as the Love Doctor, in hopes to mend his broken heart.

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“Memories follow me left and right/ I can feel you over here/ I can feel you over here/ You take up every corner of my mind,” Puth and Jungkook sing in the track’s chorus.

In a new on-air interview with the “Elvis Duran Show”, Puth said he and Jungkook have had “musical chemistry for years.”

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“Left and Right” is Puth’s third single of 2022, following the release of “Light Switch” in January and “That’s Hilarious” in April. The 30-year-old singer’s new music leads up to his forthcoming third solo album Charlieset to be released this year via Atlantic.

BTS shocked fans on June 14 when they revealed the group would be spending time apart to pursue individual opportunities.

“We’re each going to take some time to have fun and experience lots of things,” Jungkook said during a pre-taped video publicizing the group’s decision. “We promise we will return someday even more mature than we are now.”