Merissa Beddows is putting a comedic twist on opera.

In a preview of the next “America’s Got Talent”, the 23-years-old takes the stage to perform a rendition of “Over The Rainbow” while showing off her vocal impressions.

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Though Simon Cowell seems skeptical about the performance at first, his ears perk up when he learns Beddows has given fellow judge Heidi Klum a large die with her top 6 impressions, including Celine Dion, Ariana Grande and her own grandma.

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Photo: Chris Haston/NBC
Photo: Chris Haston/NBC

The singer starts off with a tradition opera vocal before switching into the breathy sound of Grande, and then putting on glasses to imitate her grandmother.

Her Dion is particularly impressive, but it’s Beddows’ Stevie Nicks that really blows the roof off, earning her a huge standing ovation from everyone, including the judges.