Gal Gadot’s infamous attempt to build solidarity during the pandemic just got a send-up from everyone’s favourite heroes.

On the latest episode of “The Boys”, the show opens with a parody of the video, which Gadot organized in spring 2020 and featured a collection of stars singing John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

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In the episode, Chace Crawford’s The Deep talks about the recent wave of “supervillain attacks” plaguing the world.

He then invites the world to sing “Imagine” right along with him and his celebrity friends.

Featured in the parody are Kumail Nanjiani and Salma Hayek, Elizabeth Banks, Kutcher, Kunis, Aisha Tyler, Josh Gad and Patton Oswalt.

Fans on Twitter were rolling on the floor laughing at the parody video.

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Gadot’s original video features appearances by Kristen Wiig, Jamie Dornan, Labrinth, James Marsden, Sarah Silverman, Eddie Benjamin, Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman and many more.

It quickly came in for criticism from many online, and in an interview with InStyle earlier this year, the “Wonder Woman” star admitted that the video was “in poor taste.”