Natalie Portman recalls hilariously running into Chris Hemsworth at school pickup while appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

The actress’ daughters, Amalia, 5, and Aleph, 11, temporarily attended the same school as Hemsworth’s kids, in Australia, where the two film stars were shooting their upcoming movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

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Portman recalls feeling bad for Hemsworth, who tried to remain undercover one day at school pickup.

The actress joked that since she’s small she can “camouflage with the [other] moms” but, when Hemsworth comes in, “he’s like a Greek God walking through.”

Although the actor, who stars as Thor, is “really famous” worldwide, Portman explained that Hemsworth is especially well-known in Australia, his home country.

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“You see him kind of by the tree like hiding,” Portman said. “It felt like some weird sitcom of like the superheroes at school pickup.”

Elsewhere during the interview with guest host Sean Hayes, the actress shared how her daughters are “really excited” and “thrilled” about her starring role as Jane Foster in “Thor: Love and Thunder”, which hits theatres July 8.