Dwayne Johnson shared that his ancestors motivate him to complete his workouts.

The former professional wrestler showed off his shredded body in a recent Instagram post as he posed inside a gym.

“1 day. 2 workouts. HAWAII. I trained early this morning and had to cut the final 45 min of my workout to get back to the hotel for my meetings and work,” Johnson captioned the Saturday post. “It really gnawed the f**k outta me that I didn’t finish my training.”

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He explained that after he wrapped work, he went back to the gym to “finish what [he] started.”

“I know it sounds nuts, but being back home in Hawaii, always strikes a different emotional chord with me,” he continued. “I grew up on this island, my family struggled on this island. Makes me smile because in a way, it’s my accountability to their struggle.”

Johnson added, “Our ancestors are always watching, so as long I have a heartbeat and two capable hands — we handle business and finish the job.”

“‘I’ve always been crazy, but it’s kept me from going insane,’” he concluded.

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Johnson received support from his “Black Adam” stuntman, Tanoai Reed, who commented, “That’s my uso! Always finish everything strong no matter what!”

The “Jungle Cruise” actor often shares photos of his toned body on social media, candidly explaining that achieving a “physical look” as such takes a lot of “hard work.”

Johnson, who is the lead star of the upcoming movie “Black Adam”, previously revealed that training for the film was “easily the hardest labour and toughest grind physically” of his entire career, involving a “real science that takes months and months to dial in.”