On Sunday, Hollywood Wax Museum unveiled a new wax figure of Billie Eilish, which has been received less than warmly. Social media users quickly trolled the new figure after photos surfaced online.

The wax figure of the Grammy-winning singer expresses a “grim face” while dressed in a casual outfit paired with lace gloves, embellished with her name in bold letters.

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Fans slammed the museum’s management for making the 20-year-old musician look much older than her age.

The new wax figure let fans down yet again as it follows in the footsteps of the first figure of Eilish, which was launched at Barcelona Wax Museum in 2020.

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Twitter users react to the disappointing wax figure.

One user wrote, “They can’t be serious This looks like a 40 year old woman Nothing like Billie at all.”

“Who is this middle aged soccer mom,” another joked.

Echoing similar thoughts, another shared, “Billie in 20 years maybe.”

“They need to melt it and redo!” one user quipped.

Another tweeted, “Who’s that old granny.”

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