Taylor Lautner is showing how dedicated he is to his art.

The actor attended a friend’s wedding on Sunday as a guest when “Mulan’s” iconic song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” played. Lautner felt compelled by the music to bust a move on the dance floor with a routine that included backflips, cart wheels and jump splits with his friend PK Creedon.

He shared the video of their dance to Instagram with the caption: “Don’t invite me to your wedding, play the Mulan soundtrack and expect THIS not to happen🕺🏼
@pk514 @mr_mikeyv”.

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While the guests at the wedding were wowed by the dramatic performance, his clothing was not.

In a video he posted later, he showed that his splits had also split his pants in half.

He captioned the post with: “WHAT. A. WEEKEND. ❤️🥰❤️”

“Hang out with us,” he said in the video, showing the way his pants split in half at his butt. “This is how much fun we have.”

TooFab reports his fiancée Taylor Dome commented on the post with, “Note to self – make sure taylor’s wedding day pants have some stretch to them.”

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The actor shared news of their engagement in November 2021 on Instagram. Speaking about the engagement on “The Tonight Show“, he said Dome didn’t want him to do anything special.

“So I did it in the kitchen, but I did it, like, big in the kitchen,” he compromised.