Troy Kotsur stopped by “Sesame Street” to help the muppets learn a little bit of sign language.

The Academy Award-winning actor, 53, appeared during the popular kids show’s “Word of the Day” segment on Monday’s episode. The “CODA” star shared with “Sesame Street”‘s Rosita and Count that he is deaf and uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate. And thought the muppets didn’t know any sign language, Kotsur was more than happy to teach them a little with the help of a friend.

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“Oh, but I don’t know any American Sign Language,” Rosita told Kotsur. “Me either,” said Count. “How will you know what we are saying?”

Kotsur assured the pair that they needn’t worry, introducing translator Xavier. Kotsur wanted to make sure they could “all communicate together.”

“There are so many ways we can communicate,” Rosita said, providing Kotsur with the perfect tie-in for the word of the day. “You know, today’s word of the day is all about that,” Kotsure explained. “The word of the day is diversity.” Kotsur then used ASL to sign the word and asked Rosita and Count to try it themselves.

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“What does diversity mean Señor Troy?” Rosita asked. “Diversity is understanding and appreciating our differences,” Kotsur replied. “Differences in the way we look, where we are from and how we communicate.”

“But one thing that we all have in common is that we are all friends,” Kotsur added before asking Rosita and Count to sign the word “friends” with him.