Dove Cameron is opening up about the self-image issues she faced as a young Disney star.

The actress and singer, 26, who rose to fame on the Disney Channel comedy series “Liv and Maddie” and in Disney’s “Descendants” films, spoke about her time as a “Disney girl” in a new interview with the LA Times.

“I never had that moment where I was like, ‘I’m a Disney girl,'” she recalled. “I never looked at Miley [Cyrus] or Demi [Lovato] or Selena [Gomez] or Zendaya or Bella [Thorne] or anybody — Hilary Duff or anybody that came before me — I never looked at them and thought, you and me — same.”

She described herself as “always” feeling like “the strange outlier who doesn’t belong and who will never fit in.”

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“I had huge imposter syndrome,” she added. “So I don’t really look to anybody else for a roadmap.”

Speaking about the success of her new song “Boyfriend”, Cameron said, “This whole narrative that I was on Disney and then found my way out with a pop song, it was a total f—ing accident.” The track is Dove’s first top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and to date peaked at the No. 16 spot.

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Cameron also talked with the LA Times about how her coming out as queer has influenced her music. “Every song of mine is a queer song because I’m a queer artist,” she said. “Does that mean that every song is ‘I am G-A-Y?’ No. I think there’s gonna be a lot of room in my artistry to talk about things other than that I love women.”