James Corden is keeping Joe Biden on track.

A new video from “The Late Late Show” shares highlights from Corden’s visit to the White House, where he joins President Joe Biden in the Oval Office to lend his services as an assistant.

First, Corden attempts to keep Biden on schedule, reminding him of an upcoming meeting — offering updates every minute until he becomes so annoying that Biden sends him out on an errand.

“Who is that guy?” Biden asks the camera after Corden exits. When told, he responds, “What the hell is ‘The Late Late Show’?”

Corden then visits the White House kitchen to learn how to cook for a president, and then steps in for former WH press secretary to wrangle reporters by helming a press briefing (where he shakes things up by taking questions from journalists who feel they’re the “hottest in the room”).

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In a previously released preview, Corden drops off a grand assortment of chocolate-covered fruits, including strawberries, butterfly-shaped pineapple slices and small “melon balls.”

“This is both a snack and a gift,” Corden says in the clip.

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The “Into the Woods” star also “brightens up” Biden’s office with a makeover, covering up a bust of former president Harry S. Truman with a photo of Corden and Harry Styles, captured during one of their previous Carpool Karaoke experiences.