Getting sunlight has become a major priority for Billie Eilish after the singer at one point went three days without any sun.

The 20-year-old pop star joined James Corden on her day off from her European tour to appear on a special episode of “The Late Late Show” filmed in the TV host’s London hometown.

Eilish explained that during the European leg of her tour, which has been “so amazing and beautiful,” she has “made it a huge deal to prioritize going out and seeing sunlight,” such as “getting food and going to the park.”

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The “Happier Than Ever” singer made the healthy lifestyle change because, prior to the pandemic, when Eilish was touring and doing “crazy amounts” of press all day, she recalled not seeing sunlight “for days and days.”

“Because it’s super easy. You go to sleep on the bus at night in a basement of a venue, you drive all night long, you wake up in another basement…. It really gets you.”

Later on in the show, Eilish joined fellow guest David Harbour for a game of Spill The Tea with James, where they either had to answer personal questions or “eat something disgusting and throw up.”

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Eilish refused to reveal the name of the worst famous person she’s ever interacted with and bit into a “festering finger sandwich” instead. Corden chose not to disclose how much money he was offered to stay on his CBS talk show, which he’ll depart from next year.

Watch the video below to learn the “true story” of how Harbour met his wife, singer Lily Allen, versus the story they “tell people that [they] wanna impress.”