Music isn’t Kesha’s only passion.

On Wednesday, Discovery+ debuted the trailer for the new series “Conjuring Kesha”, in which the global pop star goes out in search of everything supernatural and paranormal.

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“To me, the supernatural comes naturally,” Kesha says in a statement. “It started with my insatiable curiosity, my eternal searching for something bigger than myself. This has motivated my art, informed my music and has given a purpose to my entire life. It’s an eternal search for proof of God. But it’s the adventures that I have with my friends that take these pilgrimages to the next level and make them a reality.”

She adds, “I wanted to catch actual proof of the unexplainable. If we could catch these things on camera, then what else could be true? My podcast, ‘Kesha and the Creepies,’ was the jumping-off point into the unknown – and now this show is the ultimate quest to go deeper into my existential questions. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss this.”

Photo: Discovery+
Photo: Discovery+

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In the first season, which features six one-hour episodes, Kesha looks for demonic activity at a state penitentiary with Whitney Cummings and goes for a hike in the California mountains looking for Bigfoot with “The Bachelorette” star Jojo Fletcher.

Kesha hangs out with rapper GaTa, supermodel Karen Elson and rapper Big Freedia, investigating hauntings, ghostly asylums and more.

The series features paranormal experts like psychics Cindy Kaza and Chip Coffey or Bigfoot researcher Ronny LeBlanc,  who help guide Kesha and her friends through their paranormal experiences.