Victoria Beckham is looking back on an unsavoury moment from her Spice Girls days.

In the upcoming issue of Vogue Australia, the singer and fashion designer opens up about an incident that occurred on the U.K. chat show “TFI Friday” in 1999.

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Beckham had given birth to her first child, Brooklyn, two months prior, which led host Chris Evans to ask about her weight.

“A lot of girls want to know, because you look fantastic again, how did you get back to your shape after birth?” he said.

“Can I check, do you mind?” he asked, getting her to step on a scale. “Eight stone’s not bad at all, is it?”

The incident clearly stuck with Beckham, who told the magazine, according to the Daily Mail, “I went on a TV show with Chris Evans many years ago and I’d just had Brooklyn and lost a lot of weight after. It happened to my mum after her pregnancies. It doesn’t mean you have an eating disorder.

“And he made me stand on the scales to be weighed. Can you imagine doing that nowadays?”

Beckham also addressed the media’s obsession with her weight.

“I’ve had ‘Porky Posh’, I’ve had ‘Skeletal Posh’. After I had Brooklyn, there was a picture pointing to every single part of my body where I had to focus on losing the weight from,” she said.

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Evans, not to be confused with the “Captain America” star, has had his own problems in recent years with his alleged mistreatment of women.

In 2016, he was questioned by police after a woman alleged that he exposed himself to her on Channel 4’s “The Big Breakfast”. He denied the allegations.