Morgan Wallen went from being in a “pretty dark” place to the happiest he’s ever been over the last year.

The “You Proof” country singer emphasized that gratitude is currently a “real big” word at “the top of my vocabulary.”

“I’m probably [as] happy as I’ve ever been. I can honestly say that,” Wallen told radio host Storme Warren on SiriusXM’s “The Highway”. “I’m just in a really good place mentally.”

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Following his N-word controversy last year, Wallen was left feeling in the dark. Despite being a “pretty resilient and happy person,” the singer noted “that was definitely a really difficult time.”

Wallen “tried to keep [his] sight on better things,” hoping that he “would come out all right” if he just stayed true to who he knew he really was. Without a doubt, he “definitely learned” a few lessons along the way, and is “still trying to learn everything I can.”

Speaking of his recent ACM Awards acceptance speech for Album Of The Year, which depicted how the country star changed from a boy to a father and a man, Wallen said it came “from the heart.”

“I’m glad to see some of the fruits of my labour come to pass,” he told Warren.

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Addressing his “wild spirit,” the 29-year-old musician shared that his close buddy, fellow country artist Eric Church, said it “pretty good” in regards to “keeping the head screwed on straight.”

“Keep it within the lines. Keep it within the booze,” Wallen recalled Church’s advice.

Over the past year and a half, the country stars have taken trips together and gotten to know each other and their respective families. Wallen said the two “talk weekly,” adding, “It’s a special friendship for me.”