Steve Carell definitely sees the resemblance between himself and Alice Cooper.

On Tuesday night, the “Space Force” star was on “The Tonight Show”, where host Jimmy Fallon brought up that the actor and the rock star could be doppelgängers.

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Seeing photos of the two of them together, Carell revealed that he actually served Cooper once when he was working at a restaurant in Chicago.

“I met Alice Cooper,” responded Carell. “I waited on him when I was working in Chicago, when I was waiting tables. I was working at a restaurant, and he came in. And he was Alice Cooper,” Carell recalled. “And he couldn’t have been nicer. Sweetest guy in the world.”

On Twitter, Cooper shared a clip of the interview:

“Well. Now I can’t unsee it,” one fan wrote.

Another added, “Separated at birth lol.”

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Meeting Alice Cooper wasn’t Carell’s only brush with rock star celebrities, telling Fallon about how he used to see Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler around his hometown in Massachusetts.

“He always dresses like Steven Tyler,” the actor said. “He wears leopard-skin pants and walks around this little town outside of Boston, and he goes into Dunkin’ Donuts and buys donuts for everyone. He’s like [doing a hysterical impression of Tyler screaming], ‘Ooooh-aaahhh, donuts!!!’”