Canadian actor Dave Foley came across a real UFO in the sky and recalled the unusual sighting.

The “Kids In The Hall” star, who once played an alien in a skit, tweeted a drawing of what he saw.

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The actor’s post left some fans wondering whether or not it was a joke, however Foley replied, “Absolutely not a bit.”

He noted that “many people who have encountered the phenomenon are afraid to discuss it,” including “others in entertainment who’ve seen something but will never talk about [it] publicly for fear of being stigmatized.”

Foley, 59, provided a few details of his “up-close” encounter by responding to a number of questions on Twitter.

“The white lights were on the front of the craft, assuming that it was moving forward and those lights pulsated separately from the body of the craft, which also pulsated,” he explained.

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The bizarre sighting occurred in January near Los Angeles. Foley said the object was silent and compared it to about the size of a Greyhound bus.

Foley was “unnaturally unresponsive” to what he saw at the time, sharing that “in a way [he’s] still experiencing that.”

As noted, Foley has been interested in UFOs for quite some time. In recent years, he chatted about the subject on the “Somewhere In The Skies” podcast and on Joe Rogan’s podcast.