Things got pretty wild with the “Thor: Love and Thunder” cast on the new “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

On Wednesday night’s episode, Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson and director Take Waititi stopped by to play a game of “Spin the Hammer” with Guillermo.

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Dressed as Thor, Guillermo started off with Portman, who spun the hammer and then had to smash a melon with Thor’s hammer, which took her a few tries, but she remarked was “satisfying.”

Hemsworth, meanwhile, had to draw a doodle of Thor, on which he chose to include the superhero’s private parts, which were blurred out for TV.

“There’s your hammer,” Hermsworth said with a grin.


Waititi landed on “kiss,” and ended up giving Guillermo a bit COVID-safe smooch through plastic, before having another go, in which he got to smash an eggplant.

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When it came time for Thompson’s turn, she landed on “chug mead,” and was met with a giant glass of beer, which she proceeded to attempt to chug, though more slowly than Guillermo.

“You’re an experienced mead drinker, I see,” she commented. When she spun again, she was hit with “Tequila shots,” keeping the alcohol theme going.

The rest of the cast also got to do tequila shots, but after the mead, Thompson joked, “I might need to be burped,” before letting out an actual burp.