Usher busted out a bevy of hits for his performance on NPR’s “Tiny Desk” concert series.

On Thursday, NPR posted video of the singer’s 24-minute set that included live versions of “U Don’t Have to Call,” “Nice & Slow,” “Confessions Part II,” “My Way.”

“I’m hoping to just really have fun today. This office party that we’re having,” Usher, 43, said with a chuckle before he kicked off his concert with a silky performance of “You Make Me Wanna…”

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As Billboard notes, the hitmaker and father of four brought his band with him to the “Tiny Desk” space, including vocalists Eric Bellinger and Vedo, bassist Dmitry Gorodetsky, trombonist Lemar Guillary, trumpeter Brandyn Phllips, saxophonist Jay Flat, keyboardist Darek Cobbs, guitarist Erick Walls and drummer Ryan Carr.

Though the artist hasn’t released a studio album since “Hard II Love” in 2016, earlier this year he teased that a new album is forthcoming.

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“While we have been in quarantine, my ideas changed,” he told PEOPLE in February. “I actually learned new things. I was able to really be reflective and find out what things matter and really have some true, honest, deep conversations with people and myself, to take some ownership of some of where my life has gone and some of the things that I’ve come through. It is honest.”

“So, yeah, I’m going to release an album this year, hopefully,” he explained. “Now it’s just a matter of the timing, and what the name of the album is and all of that.”