A never-before-seen clip from “The Office” has just been unveiled, and it offers some unique insight into the childhood of Michael Scott (Steve Carell).

In the clip, Michael interrupts the Dunder Mifflin staffers to deliver what he thinks will be an inspirational speech, discussing an unnamed child (who is clearly him) who desperately wanted a Pippi Longstocking doll for Christmas, but was instead given a football by “his evil stepfather Jeff.”

However, after crying, refusing to eat and holding his breath for as long as he could, the boy eventually came to realize that he didn’t actually need the Pippi Longstocking doll — because he already had enough dolls (including a Malibu Barbie and a Stretch Armstrong) to host a tea party.

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The moral of the story, Michael explains, is that sometimes we don’t always need what we think we need, insisting the office doesn’t actually need a new photocopier to replace the busted one.

Michael’s plan backfires, however, when Oscar (Oscar Nunez) deduces that the speech is Michael’s way trying to convince the staffers that they don’t need a new photocopier because he receives 15 percent of any budget savings as a bonus, and not buying a new photocopier and chairs will make him $635 richer.

Naturally, when everyone learns the truth they immediately become ticked off, leading Michael to slink away while muttering, “This is so, so stupid,” then checking his watch and declaring, “That’s my phone” before bolting back into his office.

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