We may not have seen the last of “Ray Donovan”.

Appearing for a masterclass at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival on Sunday, Liev Schreiber spoke about the possibility of returning to the series if it gets revived.

“I would consider it,” Schreiber said, according to Variety.

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That said, the actor explained that the decision about whether to bring the show back  is really up to Showtime CEO David Nevins.

“It was always David Nevins’ baby,” Schreiber said. “I know he loves this character and this story, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more from David.”

“Ray Donovan” was cancelled in 2020 after 7 seasons, and Schreiber said he was both “disappointed and relieved” when he learned the show was over.

“Naomi [Watts, his ex-partner] was a bigger star than me and we were flying all over the world with our children. But they were getting bigger and they needed to go to school and live in one place. She wanted to live in L.A., it was more like Australia, so I decided to try to get a job there. A job that would last,” he explained. “They let me help with the casting and writing, and directing, and I thought it would be good to be working in front of the camera over and over and over again, every day. And it was – for a while.”

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He also spoke about the outpouring of fan support for the show after its cancellation, which led to “Ray Donovan: The Movie”, which premiered in January.

“I didn’t know that many people loved it. You realize that seven years of work that you were doing for money really moved some people. That meant a lot to me,” Schreiber said.