Joey Chestnut nabs another victory.

The competitive eating champion solidified his reign with his 15th win at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island.

While he failed to smash his own record of 76 dogs in 2021, he still managed to nab first place against second place Geoffrey Esper, who ate 48 dogs, and third place, rookie James Webb who ate 41, reports Sporting News.

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“I slowed down, but it was a crazy contest,” Chestnut commented after. The athlete, who was competing while in crutches, admitted that he didn’t notice the pain in his foot until after the contest.

One of the most bizarre points during the competition, however, was when a protestor stormed the stage in a Darth Vader mask.

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Without missing a beat, Chestnut subdued the protestor with a chokehold and went right back to the contest. The moment wasn’t televised, but made the rounds on social media.

The win makes it his sixth win in a row. His unchallenged string of wins from 2006 was broken in 2015 when he lost to Matt Stonie, but he has since reclaimed the champion title.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest was created in 1967, and has been held annually as part of the American Independence Day celebrations in New York.