Kate Middleton is showing off her photography skills on the cover of British magazine Country Life. 

The royal duchess stepped behind the camera to take a professional portrait of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, for the magazine’s new cover in celebration of Camilla’s 75th birthday on July 17.

Camilla is also guest editing the new issue of the magazine, who are celebrating their 125th anniversary.

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The cover photo features Camilla in her Raymill home garden in Wiltshire. The passionate gardener is pictured wearing a blue and white floral dress while holding a basket filled with ready-to-plant pelargoniums.

The photo was shared on the Duchess of Cornwall’s Instagram.

According to The Telegraph, Country Life editor Mark Hedges said it was Camilla’s idea to have Kate photograph her portrait.

While previously discussing the cover image, the duchess was asked if she had any thoughts and “immediately replied, ‘Oh I’d quite like Catherine to do it,'” Hedges recalled.

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“I spent the next three or four minutes desperately racking my brains trying to think of a professional photographer called Catherine,” he said. “Then suddenly I grasped what she meant—one of the most amazing things that could happen.”

“I found it one of the easier things to nod my head at,” Hedges added.

An additional behind-the-scenes shot sees Kate, casually dressed in jeans and sneakers, taking Camilla’s portrait.

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The magazine is “thrilled” with the “superb” photographs and “are honoured to have been chosen to be the first to publish this beautiful photograph,” the first formal portrait of The Duchess of Cornwall that was taken by The Duchess of Cambridge for a magazine.

Camilla’s cover issue of the magazine will be published on July 13.