Tuesday’s “Jeopardy!” answers had everybody talking online yet again.

Just like a few months ago when contestants incorrectly guessed that Diana Ross was 95 years old and not 78, the game show brought the singer’s age up in another category. However, contestant Jake Marvin upset “Jeopardy!” and Ross fans a second time.

According to Yahoo!, during the category “A Number Between 1 and 100”, the first clue was: “Your standard phonograph record until the 1950s, or the age Diana Ross turned in 2022.”

However, Marvin incorrectly guessed that the musician was 90 after wagering all his winnings on the Daily Double clue.

See some of the fan response below.

Viewers were also unimpressed when contestant Suzy Garver incorrectly guessed that Barack Obama was the 38th president of the United States.

Marvin and Garver ended up finishing the game with only $1, while Yungsheng Wang added $25,001 to his winnings, totalling an impressive $47,801 after two days.