Over the Fourth of July weekend, Blake Shelton spent some time hanging out with a wounded veteran.

In a post on Facebook, veteran-turned-motivational speaker Jason Morgan shared a photo with the country star taken on his boat docked on Lake Texoma in Shelton’s home state of Oklahoma.

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“Great hanging out with Blake Shelton on our boat. Happy Independence Day,” Morgan wrote.

“We were at the same gas dock and someone told Blake that a disabled veteran was in one of the boats gassing up and he come over to meet me,” he added. “I was very appreciative.”

Morgan is a retired staff sergeant U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command. He was injured in 1999 on a narcotics mission in South America, leaving him with a crushed spine.

“As he lay left for dead drowning with his face submerged in swampy water, a miracle occurred,” his website reads. “An American missionary working on radio towers in the area came upon the scene quite by chance and saved Jason’s life. He proceeded to extract him from the mud and water and was able to co-ordinate the difficult evacuation of the victims by using his shortwave radio, which was the only available working communication in the remote area.”

He shares his full story in the memoir A Dog Called Hope: A Wounded Warrior and the Service Dog Who Saved Him.

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Aside from the national holiday, Shelton also celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary with wife Gwen Stefani over the weekend.