Jennifer Aniston made the day of an ambitious young intern — but had to go around her bodyguard to do it.

In an excerpt in Page Six from his upcoming book Good Listen: Creating Memorable Conversations In Business And Life, author and podcaster Joe Pardavila writes about how Aniston graciously granted him an interview when he was an intern at “Scott & Todd in the Morning” on NYC radio station 95.5 PLJ back in 1997.

According to Pardavila, he was assigned to visit the set of Aniston’s movie “Picture Perfect”, which was shooting on location in Midtown Manhattan. When he finally tracked her down, as he began to approach Aniston’s trailer her bodyguard stepped in to put a kibosh on his plans.

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“He saw me and sensed what I was about to do. He made a beeline straight for me,” he wrote.

“Holding up my radio mic, I said in my most soothing and innocent tone, ‘Hey, I only want to ask Jennifer a couple of questions, that’s all.’ The guard let me know that wasn’t going to happen,” he continued. “His tone was neither soothing nor innocent.”

Shortly after, Aniston had caught wind of what happened, and “a couple of minutes later, Jennifer Aniston had her assistant call the front desk at PLJ to say Jennifer felt badly about what happened. Better yet, she’d be happy to do an interview with the morning show.”

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True to her word, Aniston “talked for 20 minutes with us about the movie she was making, her time on ‘Friends,’ everything you’d want to talk about with Jennifer Aniston,” he added.