Tyrese Gibson isn’t holding back about his ex.

On Thursday, the “Fast and Furious” star posted a rant on Instagram in which he announced that he and influencer Zelie Timothy have split up.

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Along with a video of someone helping free a deer from a snake attempting to strangle it, Tyrese wrote, “Stop trying to convince me that your daughter is not a SNAKE….. I just want to be released from this strong devilish allure the sexual seduction of a masterful manipulator.”

Later in the post he wrote, “I am single now,” adding, “I want everyone to DM have fun with @zelietimothy she’s verified now and wasn’t ready to be married.”

Tyrese continued, “I want to get married and settle down and really really NEST and embrace the COMFORTS of this FAMILY AND MARRIED LIFE……… I smoke hookah at home everyday so I don’t want to be in your clubs or around your women I want to stay home and be the hard working family man that I am”

In another post, Tyrese shared a video of an unknown woman, writing, “Damn I think I have a TYPE now……. She posted this not me………. I just follow the sexiest people on Instagram and get in trouble for “Liking” their post.”

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“Stability is important I got the money I got the [ mansions ] I got whatever you need I just need to figure out how to GET married and STAY MARRIED for the rest of my life……… Who has the secret? I’m ready to listen and lean,” he added.

On her own Instagram Story, Timothy indirectly responded to Tyrese’s posts, writing, “Your acting off emotions and NOT facts! Hurt people hurt people. And I’m the wrong one to hurt!”