Chris Pratt has issued a mea culpa after dissing UFC star Israel Adesanya.

A long-time UFC super fan, Pratt, 42, made his apology after Adesanya, 32, sub-tweeted the actor on Wednesday, responding to disparaging comments Pratt made about the fighter on July 2.

Posting a video of actor James McAvoy beating Pratt with a keyboard in the 2008 movie “Wanted,” Adesanya wrote, “Good morning. I’m the man. You’re just some fan.”

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It didn’t like long for Pratt to reply. “You’re right. I’m sorry brutha,” Pratt tweeted just hours later. “It bugs me when people criticize my work- having never themselves risked anything. It makes me a hypocrite to do exactly that to you.”

“My bad,” he added. “Keep on keeping on champ.”

Pratt’s criticism of Adesanya centered on the fighter’s bout with rival Jared Connonier at UFC 276 on Saturday. In the lead up to the match, Pratt made it clear that he was favoring Connonier, who ultimately lost to Adesanya. It was after that loss that Pratt went after Adesanya during ESPN’s post-fight broadcast.

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“I’m gonna say this as humbly as I can, as a guy who never stepped in the Octagon. I don’t know this game, I’m just an actor. But I’m not a fan, man,” Pratt said of Adesanya, as Insider reports.

“I’m not a fan of coming out, like, all that talk and then just kind of putting on a little bit of a pitter-patter,” Pratt added, referring to Adesanya’s extravagant entrance into the ring. “I’m like, ‘Come on, man. Cash on that.’ You’ve got to cash on that promise of being so badass.”

You can watch Pratt’s pre-fight predictions, below.