It might be time for someone to introduce Britney Spears to Tom Hardy.

On Thursday, the pop star shared a post on Instagram featuring a picture of a magazine article, along with a video of Hardy goofing off and doing a coin trick.

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Writing about the article, which appears to be about a man named Johnny, whose friend died after they flipped a coin, Spears said, “Flying ✈️ home I found this magazine … I’m not sure who this guy is but I liked the key 🔑 tattoo on his right arm … obviously a sad story but I read that he flipped a quarter 🪙 and it came up heads !!!”

“So when I danced I saw my son left a quarter on the piano 🎹… I picked it up and look what came up … heads or tails 😜😜😜 ??? Play on my friends !!!” she added.

Referencing the video of Hardy, Spears said, “Pssss the British guy reminds me to believe in magic,” indicating she may not know who the actor is.

She also shared another post featuring a video of herself dancing, along with the same caption.

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In the comments, many fans took inspiration from the post, but most were simply surprised Spears was not aware that “the British guy” was Hardy.

“Britney, that is Tom Hardy😂😂😂,” wrote one follower.

“Tom Hardy and Britney Spears interaction 😭😭🫶🏽🧡😍🥰,” another said.

One fan joked, “Tom Hardy must be so disappointed Britney didn’t recognise him 😂❤️.”

Another person even predicted, “Tabloid headlines tomorrow, Britney Spears said she doesn’t know who Tom Hardy is! 😂❤️”