Jameela Jamil is offering a response to fans who were less than impressed with her look in the upcoming Marvel series “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law”.

On Friday, Marvel released a new image of the former “The Good Place” star in costume as Titania in the Disney+ series.

Following the release of the pic, numerous Twitter users chimed in with their negative opinions of the outfit, which was described as giving off a “drag queen vibe” and resembling a Halloween costume from Wal-Mart.

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Some people some even insisted that Jamil was wearing a wig — and not a very good one.

Jamil eventually responded in a tweet of her own, taking her lumps for the outfit but insisting there was no wig involved.

“Omg this photo…Guys. I accept every ounce of shade here, but in defense of my excellent hair stylist, this is just my hair after a 14-hour stunt day in Atlanta heat. Just after being upside down,” ,” she wrote. 

“She did a *great* job on the show I promise. I love her,” she continued, adding, “Boobs look ok tho?”

She went on to tweet even more hilarious responses.