Kevin Smith is the latest celebrity to voice his opinions on those Martin Scorsese Marvel comments.

The “Goodfellas” director previously said Marvel movies were “not cinema,” and Smith has now told Forbes that he just thinks Scorsese is a different kind of filmmaker and “stuck in his ways.”

The “Clerks” auteur, who is a self-proclaimed lover of comic books and comic book movies, said of Scorsese’s comments and the backlash he’s received from MCU fans: “Look, everybody is responsible for themselves and everybody chooses to say what they say.

“But oftentimes those directors, it seems, have been in situations, were doing junkets or an interview situation, and it’s a question that gets thrown in there, and it’s not like them going, ‘Get me the New York Times! I want to tell somebody how I feel about comic book movies.’”

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He continues, “It’s also an adjacent to a zillion other questions that are being asked, but in our culture, in our very tribal culture, somebody like Martin Scorsese referring to comic book movies as amusement parks and theme park rides gets a bunch of people who have made comic book movies their lives for the last 10 years very unhappy.

“It kind of gets their dander up. You’re asking a guy who made ‘Goodfellas’ what he thinks about ‘Spider-Man’, what do you think you’re going to get? He’s a very serious filmmaker, and he’s a man who’s of a certain age and stuck in his ways. You should not be surprised that’s his response.”

Smith goes on, “But it doesn’t take away from your enjoyment of the thing. Guess what? For every old filmmaker who’s like, ‘I don’t get it,’ there’s a bunch of young filmmakers who are like, ‘I get it and I want to do it.’ We don’t have to ostracize the people that maybe don’t get or aren’t into the same movies we are.

“Look, I guess maybe I’ve got the benefit of having been a creature of the internet since 1995. So I’ve got it way ahead of almost every other filmmaker when it comes to public relations and talking to the public and talking to the press than maybe any filmmaker except Peter Jackson. He was on the internet before I was. And that means we’ve just made all our mistakes early on.”

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The movie-maker continues, “We just learned early on. ‘Oh, don’t answer that question. That’s just setting you up for failure. Just redirect.’ If somebody’s like, ‘What do you think about these comic book movies?’ Just talk about like, ‘I love all movies, movies are my life, blah, blah, blah.’

“A lot of people don’t have that experience. There was a time where filmmakers didn’t really do a bunch of press. I’m one of the generation that was pushed forward to sell our movies because we didn’t have any movie stars in the movies. No other way to sell the movie. Put the person who scrimped and saved to tell their story and shot at a convenience store late at night [out there]. That’s interesting. Let them go out and sell the movie and tell the story.

“I would just urge my fellow filmmakers that, when asked, ‘What do you think about comic book movies?’ You hit them with, ‘I love them. I watch every one of them,’ for everyone’s sake. Now, I don’t say that because I’m like, ‘That’s what I’d do.’ I literally watch every comic book movie. So I’m being 100 per cent authentic and stuff.

“But for those cats to just avoid the headache of a bunch of people, like, picking apart their filmography… They have people on the internet tearing down Martin Scorsese’s body of work because of what he said about comic books. You want to avoid that sort of thing? Just give them a salute and move on. They’re movies just like any other movies, for heaven’s sake.”