One young fan of the Weeknd caught the hitmaker’s attention last weekend.

The Canadian singer was forced to cancel his show at Toronto’s Rogers Centre on Friday due to the all-day outage.

Phoenix Prince, 6, who was going to attend the gig with his father, Blake Prince, took the news hard and was pictured crying outside the venue by a passerby.

The youngster had donned an outfit similar to the one the Weeknd wore in his “Blinding Lights” music video for the occasion.

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After spotting the viral pic online, the musician confirmed he was on the hunt for Phoenix, posting:

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Phoenix’s dad Blake said of the viral moment, according to CBC: “Phoenix was getting attention with his suit.

“We had a breakdown moment. He got upset over the fact the show was postponed and somebody captured a picture.

“The Weeknd retweeted it!”

The powers of social media worked its magic once again, as Blake later shared snaps of Phoenix and the star after he flew them out to his Philadelphia tour stop.

Blake shared a series of cute photos of the pair backstage with the Weeknd, gushing: “I wouldn’t be able to put this last week into words if I tried.”

The singer even signed the youngster’s red suit.

Speaking of the “very cool” experience with Damnit Maurie of “The Roz & Mocha Show“, Phoenix recalled flying first class, thanks to the Weeknd, giving him a big hug and getting to witness all the behind-the-scenes action, including soundcheck.

On meeting the singer, Phoenix said he told the Weeknd that he’s “a very big fan” and “gave him Oreos and a drawing.”

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