The boys of Travis Japan have some big dreams.

On Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent”, the J-Pop boy band delivered an energetic performance of the song “My Dreamy Hollywood”.

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Introducing themselves, the boys told Simon Cowell, “Our dream is to become the biggest stars in the world.”

With sequin jackets and striped pants, the seven-member group were already winning over the audience without even getting to their song.

“They like you even before you’ve started to sing, this is brilliant,” Cowell said, with the sound of the audience cheering over him.

The song started off in English and a cappella, before the music and dancing and acrobatic flips kicked in to wow the crowd and delight the judges.

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“It felt like Vegas,” Sofia Vergara said of the performance.

“Even though I didn’t love the song,” Cowell added, “I have the feeling people are going to talk about you. The energy was through the roof.”

They got three yeses from the judges, and a whole lot more from the cheering crowd.

Travis Japan have been together as a band for about 10 years, when they were just kids, having been brought together by American choreographer Travis Payne.