The “America’s Got Talent” audience just got to see one of the most nerve-racking auditions ever.

On Tuesday’s episode, the show welcomed Brazilian illusionists Henry and Klauss, who dub themselves the first escape duo.

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For their performance, the pair set up seemingly impossible odds, locking themselves in suspended metal drums, with their hands sticking out of holes, handcuffed.

Strung to the bottom was a fuse, which a stage hand would light, forcing them to undo the handcuffs with a hair clip and escape before they exploded.

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC
Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

As the fuse was lit, the performers’ hands appeared to shake while picking the handcuff locks. With time running out, the odds of their escape diminished.

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The judges and the audience alike were on the edge of their seats, when suddenly time ran out and the drums exploded, revealing they were no longer inside.

A moment later, Henry and Klauss popped up, perfectly safe, right next to the stunned judges.

“That scared the f**k out of me,” exclaimed host Terry Crews.

Sofia Vergara added, “That was spectacular!”

Henry and Klauss, of course, got three yeses from the judges.