The end of her show was not a happy experience for Wendy Williams.

In a new interview for the New York Post, the former daytime host opened up about the end of “The Wendy Williams Show”, including the final episode, from which she was absent.

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“There was nothing I liked about [the final episode of] the ‘Wendy Williams Show’,” she said.

Calling out the show’s production company, Williams continued, “Debmar-Mercury, in my opinion, should have done it with [me], not these other people on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’…. Except for Fat Joe.”

She said of the New York rapper, “I love him. He’s my favourite.”

But with her show over, Williams is looking ahead to new ventures, including her podcast “The Wendy Williams Experience”.

“If you’re extremely famous like I am, [hosting a podcast] will make more money than being on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’. What I want to do is podcast, and I want to have a restaurant.”

Williams also candidly shared that she has other things on her mind than just business.

“If I don’t do anything else, including podcast, I would love to fall in love. I want to f**k,” she said. “Excuse me, I’m gorgeous. Can I f**k?”

Asked if she would ever return to television, Williams said, “Maybe I’ll go back on TV. Perhaps, I don’t know. I’ve got so much money, I can do anything I want, or nothing at all.”

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In February, Sherri Shepherd stepped in to guest-host “The Wendy Williams Show” after Williams had been absent for lengthy periods of time due to her struggles with Graves’ disease.

Shepherd also hosted the final episode of the show, and is set to premiere her own show “Sherri” on Sept. 12.