Harry Styles just dropped his brand new music video for “Late Night Talking”.

The One Direction hitmaker is the ultimate bed-hopper in the newly-released clip, as he’s joined by multiple partners after following a portal in his own bed that leads him to an array of destinations.

Styles is in an art gallery in a bed at one point, before heading to a restaurant and a theatre show. He also hits the streets of London, U.K., as well as having a pillow fight with a group of people.

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The musician even officiates a wedding in the eventful video before the heavens open and he’s seen speeding towards earth.

“Late Night Talking” is the latest single taken off Styles’ huge album Harry’s House, which was released in May.

It follows the lead single “As It Was”, which continues to break records around the world and is once again No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a 9th week.

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