Ryan Gosling may be getting into the action in his new film “The Gray Man”, but he’s still bringing some “Barbie” movie “Kenergy” into his interview with ET Canada’s Keshia Chante.

“It’s Kenergy. That’s what you’re feeling. I think it’s what you’re describing,” Gosling tells ET Canada about his tanned”Barbie” vibe while chatting about “The Gray Man”.

“You could feel the #Kenergy,” he says with a laugh.

But we’re not the only ones who are feeling the Canadian star’s #Kenergy. Gosling’s partner, Eva Mendes, is also a big fan of his look — and wardrobe — for his upcoming role opposite Margot Robbie in “Barbie”.

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“As soon as she saw my Ken underwear, she wanted a pair. Brought them home,” he says. “Now, I have underwear that says Ken on them. You know, she’s like very… she feels the Kenergy, too.”

But before the rest of the world gets to fully appreciate Gosling’s #Kenergy, he’ll go a few rounds with Chris Evans in the new Netflix action-thriller “The Gray Man”. In it, Gosling plays a covert CIA operative who uncovers a web of dark agency secrets, becoming a target of a psychopathic former colleague (Evans) who puts a bounty on his head.

“You know Chris ran moustache first into this role and he had a lot of fun playing it. And I, you know, it was a lot of fun to play against that,” Gosling says of the film, which will be released on the streaming site on July 15.

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Opening up about the physical training that was involved in his role, he says, “It was a knockdown, drag-out type of day every day. You know, there were cuts and bruises, but no emotional scars that have surfaced yet. There’s a lot of training, all that stuff.”

“Look, you lift heavy things. You don’t eat certain things. We all know that stuff. It’s boring. But what I didn’t realize was, was just how many people it takes to make an action hero, you know? Like, I had an incredible team of stunt performers that were making me look like I could do what I was doing and had special effects team doing it, too,” Gosling adds.

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All that training could come in handy if Gosling gets to play a superhero, telling ET Canada he’d like to take on the role of Ghost Rider.

“The one I always thought was the coolest was Ghost Rider. But I always felt like that was taken, you know? But I wonder. I just don’t know what the waiting period is on that,” says, referring to the 2007 movie starring Nicolas Cage in the role opposite Mendes.

“Eva’s given it her blessing. She’s cool. But, you know, there’s a lot of I need the blessing from a lot of other people,” he adds with a smile.