CNN’s Victor Blackwell completely lost it on Wednesday after watching a viral clip of two sea lions chasing beachgoers.

In the video, the animals charge the crowd in California’s La Jolla Cove, near San Diego, after someone tried to take a picture. The footage had Blackwell and his “CNN Newsroom” co-anchor Alisyn Camerota in stitches.

And once Blackwell started laughing, he couldn’t stop.

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He began the segment by saying, “I do love the beach. And I like a nice nap on the beach. Sometimes, though, there are just too many people,” before showing the clip. “And maybe that’s what set off these two sea lions on a beach near San Diego.”

“Look at how fast these sea lions move. I didn’t think that they could waddle quite that fast,” Camerota joked.

“But they are chasing all the beachgoers away. These are sea lions. They’re charging. The woman who took the video says someone was trying to take a photo of them when they suddenly woke up.”

“I don’t know why, I just imagine their little sea lion voices cursing these people out and then chasing them around the beach,” Blackwell said, in hysterics.

“You’d think the ocean would be big enough for all of us, but no,” Camerota laughed, as Blackwell said: “Oh, man. That’s what I needed.”

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